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hello friends,if we have 2 cisco 2504 series wlcs and use multicast fetures in both and both are primary and secondry for LAPswhat about of we use multicast ip address let's say  can we use the same ip address for the secondry contrller ...

john smith by Beginner
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Hi All,I am able to view clients, rogue APs, rogue clients etc, but the information is faily inaccurate. Thus, I am trying to calibrate using the RF calibration models. I have created a new model and am attempting to add data points.After adding the ...

lukemesiti by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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hi,one of our customers wants to update the firmware of a 5508 wlc, but always gets the following error message:Error Message   %UPDATE-3-INV_FILE_SIGN: Error! Invalid image signature!. Image may be corrupt.but the same image works fine on another 55...

flokki123 by Participant
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WCS fails to start with a Tomcat error , see below ;See launchout below - any ideas - without re-installing WCS Checking for Port 21 availability... OKChecking for Port 8456 availability... OKChecking for Port 8457 availability... OKChecking for Port...

rwilletts by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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Hi,I have an AP1242 that I am trying to set up but whenever I plug it in, it will go straight to the image recovery (pink status, red radio LED) and display the following:Xmodem file system is available.flashfs[0]: 148 files, 7 directoriesflashfs[0]:...

aatrout by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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Hellowhat is the ideal timeout for users when no activity is performed while connected to network via wirelessWLC model 5500AP model 1200 seriesusers get disconnected every 15mins when machine is Ideal and where do i see this optionthanksST

Dear AllWhen i am trying to make test between  two of AP 1142-N as ((WGB & AP) scenario & (root bridge & non root bridge)scenario). but it's fail.so i thougt the problem with IOS .. after delete old one and reupload another i have new problem.. the p...

Aref_Nader by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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Hi all,Here is my case.I have a WLC 5508 connected thorugh Giga 0/1  to my core 3750 switch and through that to my access switches were my APs are plugged. Everything is working fine , multiple SSIDs, DCHPs, security ,roaming ....etc. My plan is to c...

smartns04 by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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hi,How to set up wireless LAN controller and what and all minimum parameters need to configure it ? what and all additional device required for it ?.As I planned to run 20 AP in a small compound with LAN controller.please help me find the sameThanks ...

afath by Beginner
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                   Wireless Guest Users once authenticated, are able to connect again after disconnection .Clients should not able to connect after the restart or by disabling and enabling the WIFI adapter. But as of now clients are connecting to net...

 Hi All,We have just installed our first CT2504. After install I have found a dramatic drop in signal strength compared to the wireless survey result obtained.All of our site surveys include real world testing using an AP, in this case a AP1041N.In d...

Gary Roche by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Hello, Good morning     Can anyone help me with the case below?     We have a Cisco aironet 1162N connected to a Wireless Controller (LIGHTWEIGHT mode), the device failed and it needs to be replaced.     We have a Cisco aironet 1142N in stock availab...

Hey All,I'm seeing a problem with Apple iOS devices connecting from one SSID and then connecting immediately to another. I've tried to replicate this fault with non Apple iOS devices, but I'm unable.Environment: Single 5508 WLC running AIR-...

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