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Hello,I was wondering what the regulatory domain is for Bangladesh if I want to install an AP there.I lookup up everywhere, but even the Cisco site does not have this country included in its chart.Is it same as India (reg. N) or something else?Thank ...

Resolved! IOS Aironet 1242

Good Afternoon,We are looking for old IOS Aironet 1242 in order to repare an old AP. We found nothing until now, could you help us and explain how to get it? Has you some old backup with this precious files?Best regards, the DEROMA IT service

 Hi,I was given an 9117ax to setup with a SSID to use for a wireless survey.  But I think i got confused about what models were available and I thought i had a lightweight mode AP when in fact it was already the embedded WLC version. The long story s...

peat by Beginner
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We have a single 2702I-B series AP that is unable to join our 9800-80 WLC.  The other 100+ APs at the same site, same IP space, and same model were able to join no problem.  For the AP with the issue, we do see a Join attempt, but the 9800 simply sta...

AlexZmann by Beginner
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Hi,  I have an ap (3702e) that is stuck in a wlc 9800 even when the ap is disconnected. The problem is that now the ap cannot connect back. Is their a way to force delete/kick the stuck ap without rebooting the controller?   Thanks

abf31 by Beginner
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how's everyone tackling the dynamic MAC address challenge in new android & Mac devices. Our SSID is MAC filtered, MAC address is added to WLC and those are permitted to connect. Issue is client device MAC address keeps on changing as it has dynamic m...

manvik by Participant
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I am new at troubleshoting on Cisco access points I have 20 9120 APs, one of them is running as a controller. Users experience wifi strengh dropping and being drop from a connected AP and graped by another AP. Some users don't have network connection...

trih by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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We got a 9800-80 HA pair and it got 16.10 (6r) for ROMMON. As per the given URL guidelines, we would like to get it upgraded to 17.3(3r) https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/controller/9800/config-guide/b_upgrade_fpga_c9800.html  I need to ...

Hi WLC 3504 with latest ver ios have http and https enabled. In 9800, when we want to disable http, we need some command to replace for the action. In 3504, can we directly disable http? Thank you

Leftz by Enthusiast
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Hello all,I am a pretty novice when it comes to wireless. I am doing some health checks for a customers wireless and I am a little confused on the firmware. They have a mix of CAP1620I and AP1815I access points in their environment. On the 1620s, I s...

jintogens by Beginner
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