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Hello All,In 3.0 I learned that some versions created various issues. One of the recommended versions was With a 4.0 WCS and 3.0 controllers. What are the recommendations as to a version that is relatively stable to upgrade the controller...

hii executed the cmd reset system on the WLC.now i ahve lost all my 19 APS that were joined to the controller.How do i get the APs back to the controller.

I've looked around and have seen no posts or bugs on this. Is there a way to sort APs by name on a WISM? We name all devices per our company's naming standard, and all APs are sorted by ID. This makes it extremely hard to find a device when you go in...

rlacy by Beginner
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Hi,I've a question about how works dhcp for wifi clients.On the WLAN edit I've seen that my option are:1) DHCP override-> i insert the dhcp server address here2) without DHCP override -> the WLAN will use the DHCP server configured under the manageme...

I am installing AP1131's for a customer. I usually mount them horizontally below the ceiling tile. My customer wants me to mount them vertically above the ceiling to drywall. My question is mounting the AP1131 vertically vs. horizontally changes t...

jdodson by Beginner
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I have a WLC 4400 running ver The LAP is a 1242AG-A-K9. I am getting this error message on the wireless controller log when I try and use my Symbol 9060 RF units the message is: WEP Key decrypt error. Station MAC Address is 00:a0:f8:b...

Hi All,We have couple of Cisco 1200 APs.what username and password I should use to login thru GUI with level 15 access to these WAPS.. We have following AAA configuration in palaced in these WAPsaaa new-model!!aaa group server radius rad_eap!aaa grou...

azmath.hk by Beginner
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1) How many simultaneous users are supported. Am using the US standard in the US.2) Can adjustments be made to the amount of power the transmitter is using? Such as reducing the foot RF foot print?

My scenario parametres:1. Two large (1km sq) mixed outdoor and indoor WLANs need to be deployed.2. It's two power plants with many small and large buildings and machines indoors and out.3. WLAN primarily to be used with Symbol handhelds in the are...

trjphill by Beginner
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Hello,i am not able to chaneg any settings in Aironet1232AG when type configure terminal using CLI or Hyperterminal it syas unknown command? how can i configure the AP,configure terminal ^% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.regard...

youyeskay by Beginner
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HelloWe have several 4404 controllers that each support 100 antennas.When I follow the documentation for using multiple ap-manager interfaces (our controllers have 2 fibers to one switch and 2 to another one) it says that I have to create 3 additiona...

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