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lightning arrestor

Hello group,I have wireless bridge 350 and omni antenna--AIR-ANT24120( 2.4 GHz,12 dBi Omni Mast Mt. Antenna w/RP-TNC Connector). I want to know:1. How many low loss cables do I need between bridge and antenna for each bridge?(one or two)2. How many l...

Resolved! Hotspots and Security

My company is about to go live with its first wireless extension of our internal LAN. Our original intention was to provide wireless access to our customers and vendors while they were waiting for appointments and/or attending meetings in our confer...

cbirming1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Processor size on the 3845 router??

Can someone do a show version on a 3800 series router and tell me what the processor size says.Our 3640 is strained at the moment and if more mem won't alleviate the CPU usage. I think we may have to upgrade. The 7000 would probably be overkill.

tteslicko by Beginner
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Hi,about 802.1X protocol I've read " The authentication server may use the Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (Radius server) although 802.1X does not specify it."Is it possible authenticate the supplier without using an external Radius Serv...

fpicciani by Beginner
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WLSE Configuration archive download SNMP timeout

HI, I´m new to WLSE. My AP´s are already discovered and managed, but when I try to download the configuration archive from them, the Job Always fail with a SNMP timeout error message. This problem occur in the upgrade firmware job too.Whe I go to rep...

gestmng by Beginner
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WLSE 2.9 and switch discovery

I found this in the WLSE 2.9 documentation:"Note Only routers and switches that have properly configured access points or bridges attached to them will be discovered"How does this help me when doing rouge suppression? If a user attached a rough AP to...

pbrown by Beginner
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Support for WPA on aironet 350 ?

Is WPA supported on a aironet 350 AP ?I didn't found any information on the site in the datasheets.On the other hand, the support for WPA is mentioned in the datasheets for the aironet 1200 AP.Can I then assume that's not support on the AP 350 ?

SDWorx_2 by Beginner
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1200 Dual Band antenna question

If I use a 1200 with both A and G radios, can't I only hook one antenna up to each radio? If so doesn't this reduce the effectiveness of both radios due to multi-path interference and not being able to use 2 antennas for diversity?

sburton by Beginner
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1200 Access Point

Is it possible to directly connect the 1200 to an ethernet router port? Does it need a switch or hub? If so, why?thanks

1220 (upgraded to IOS) ethernet flapping

What looks to be very similar to the 350 conversation...! I have one that the user is saying they cant get internet access through it occasionaly, and then it just comes back. The logs show the ethernet flapping, but the switch doesnt appear to have ...

mx by Beginner
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