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Roaming between different LAN

I have two customers that the clients (handheld computers) need to roam between 2 access points, that are conected in differents lan. Does anybody know any solution for this situation with cisco access points ?

mococa by Beginner
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Filtering on CISCO 350 (a)

Hi,I'm trying to set up filters on a CISCO 350 and am a bit confused with the configuration.1) Is it so that the "Default disposition" defines how all protocols will be handled while for each protocols defined in the "special cases" in a filter set d...

gverr by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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350 PCI Speed Problem

Hi,I have associated a CISCO 350 series PCI adapter to my ISP's Nokia A032 access point. Signal quality and stregth are in the upper 80s. The ACUstates that the card is associated at 11Mbps. However the maximum down/up speed I am seeing is approxi...

rsimhamb by Beginner
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Connector type - Breeze Pro

Anyone know the name/type of connector used on the Breeze (Alvarion) Pro.11 AP? Not the shrouded SMA, but the one about the size of an MMCX.(I have a client who bought Breeze from someone else, realized that he'd wasted his money, but has to make goo...

Wireless Cellsites

Im setting up a wireless ISP in my area and am working on the business proposal. I would like to setup wireless cellsites on existing cellsites in my area. I need to get about 1000 users per cellsite. Can anyone recommend antennas and equipment. I...

MSNiCROS by Beginner
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Maximum number of Repeater

I want to connect 2 sites with an estimate distance of 38-40 kilometers. Based on physical obstruction like mountains in between them, we estimate that we need 4 repeaters for this connection. Whats the maximum number of repeater that we can install?...

ajarina by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Rule of thumb for # of users on AP-350

Hi,I was curious if there was a rule of thumb on the # of users that the AP-350 could support until we should go get a new one and set it up on a different channel. Our users are not corporate users; mainly browsing www and email.ThanksMike

mmeditz by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Aironet 340 vs Aironet 350 - suggestions please

I have a customer who would like to connect a warehouse (located across the street/approximately 150 feet closet to closet) to its main network. The existing warehouse has a 3548 switch which I would like the new warehouse's 2950 to connect to. I hav...

b-sherman by Beginner
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802.11a products ??

I wish to ask if the 802.11a products are in market or not yet, cause I contacted a distributor for Cisco, and he told me that it will be available in the coming years!!! I want to make sure that this is right. I know about the 802.11b, but I'm inter...

mlattouf by Beginner
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802.11a Site Survey

Our University has recieved funding to do a Campus Wide site survey to implement 802.11a wireless lan. Two questions. 1)How will we be able to do an acurate 802.11a site survey without the Cisco equipment being released? 2)Is Cisco slow to release 8...

10.6 GHZ cards

i want to ask if there are some wlan cards that runs in freequencies from 10 to 15Ghz of if its possible to change the frequencies of wlan cards

pixie by Beginner
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