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Cisco Secure Client : MacOS に対する Microsoft Intune を利用した個別インストーラの配布

質問 Intune を利用して MacOS に対して Cisco Secure Client の特定パッケージのみを配布することはできますか?Cisco Secure Client (旧 AnyConnect) : MacOS 用 各種モジュールの .dmg ファイルを作成する方法を参照して個別のパッケージを作成しましたが、Intune で「アプリの追加」より展開を実施しようとすると「含まれているアプリには、少なくとも1つのアプリが必要です」という表示が出て先に進めません。   回答 Ci...

sisozumi by Cisco Employee
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In Cisco SD-WAN want to understand how BFD & OSPF co-work together.I understand that BFD is used to monitor the underlay. If it find that the remote end point is not responding it brings down the bfd session. Want to understand how this works along w...

RS19 by Level 4
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SOP for vlan

Hey guys, Does anyone have SOP for how to put ports in the right vlan. I need to know step by step.Thank you all i

Nas2024 by Level 1
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After 2800 to 9120 swap, issues occuring

Hello all,We have swapped 2800 for 9120 APs 1 for 1 in a office, which are connecting to AireOS 5520 WLC. THere was never issues reported within this site, but after this 1 for 1 swap, we are getting bombarded with INC of signal issues, wi...

Does the IPS/Snort checks the VPN traffic

Hi Fellas,I have a question, regarding how the ASA with IPS module or Firepower with intrusion policy is able to check VPN traffic.The traffic is coming from a L2L tunnel and does a U turn pointing to a VTI so the traffic never pass through the devic...

cmarin by Level 1
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WLC Netflow

Hello,I have WLC 2504 and AP in Flexconnect mode, then i enabled netflow on the WLC and after some hours i can't see any netflow traffic.Can i know i can't see any netflow traffic due the AP is in flexconnect mode?

hs08 by Spotlight
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Abandoned calls not reporting properly

Our dashboard gauges indicate we have 43 abandoned calls but the Abandoned Call Detail Activity Report in the CUIC is coming up blank. The dashboard gauge is using the 'calls_abandoned' field as indicated in the screenshot. Also, the Detailed Call by...

Screenshot 2024-07-23 094505.jpg Screenshot 2024-07-23 093910.jpg Screenshot 2024-07-23 093707.jpg
chillpill by Level 1
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Using "backup server list" in Anyconnect XML for client failover

confused in setting up "backup server list" in the anyconnect XML vs the "backup servers".The cisco docs indicate that "backup server list" overwrites the "backup servers."Using Radius auth, no ldap here I have two endpoints d1.vpn.com and d2.vpn.com...

BGP peering with two ISPs

We have a dual homed internet connections with Zayo and Comcast.  Zayo is the primary internet access using /24 IP address range they had assigned.  We would like to setup BGP peering with Zayo and Comcast and have Comcast route the /24 IP address ra...

Firepower Snort packet drop due to black list

Trying to map a drive from Hub Server to Management Site Server.  Hub site is protected by a FTD 2130, when I try and map the drive I am getting denied by a Snort Drop (Rule ID 268434432).  The users kept trying to connect an eventually it looks like...

Cisco 7600 Stuck in rommon Mode

System Bootstrap, Version 12.2(33r)SRE, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Technical Support: http://www.cisco.com/techsupportCopyright (c) 2011 by cisco Systems, Inc.C7600-RSP720/SP platform with 1048576 Kbytes of main memory Autoboot executing command: "boot di...