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Maximum transmit power of mobile phones

Let's suppose I have an access point with directional antenna (C-ANT9103=) which is capable of covering 40meter area in direction of antenna. User is standing 20meters in front of the antenna. Will user be able to talk to access point without any iss...

gnf52183 by Beginner
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l need help with wpa enterprise

hallo everyone l someone help with wifi configure l have windows server 2016 and cisco 1142n how configure wpa eap enterprise can explain help with my wifi l need really secured wifi enterprise have great Day

lisavbedt by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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PCCE - set source port for SIP Dialer

Hello,In PCCE/UCCE Outbound option, is there a way to either:- change the transport of SIP Dialer from UDP to TCPor- set the source port of the SIP Invite sent from Dialer to Voice gateway to 5060? Thanks,atoxet

atoxet by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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AP client roaming with only 1 AP

We have an issue on a site with an embedded WLC running on a 9300 series catalyst with only a single AP associated to it. For some reason the clients keeps roaming every 1-3 seconds despite there being only one AP broadcasting the SSID. The roaming a...

Different encoding of PW label between LDP-VPLS and BGP-VPLS

Dear Community,While using Wireshark for checking VPLS control packets, I noticed that the format of encoding PW label in LDP-VPLS is different than BGP-VPLS.In LDP-VPLS, as shown below, a label mapping message is transferred between PEs targeted ses...

attachment1.png attachment2.png

Lost access to the CBW140AC access point web interface

Long story short, I updated my main SSID to use VLAN 10 and added VLAN 25 with its own SSID.  After applying the change I lost access to the AP web interface.  I don't know how to get it back.  None of the wireless clients on either VLAN can get to i...

EvanC75 by Beginner
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how fluidmesh co-exist with 5GHz AP?

I have a remote village case required unlicensed backhaul to provide Wi-Fi access. I am leaning to Fluidmesh but need to understand how Fluidmesh can coexist with Wi-Fi AP since they seems to operate at the same spectrum. Just need to have high level...

Kae Hsueh by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Sniffer mode bssid

I set the AP in sniffer mode. As far as I know, sniffer mode does not broadcast beacon frames. But in controller show ap wlan summary I see bssid. Can you tell me why?

Snika by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies
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C3850 Upgrade Denali 16.3.3 to Gibraltar-16.12.9 - Bundle mode

Hi, I am planning on upgrading a C3850-48P switch to the recommended version. I have been reviewing the release notes for the new version but can not find the "Upgrading from Denali in Bundle mode" section in the document. Does it mean I need to chan...

wdz45 by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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