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Resolved! ACI ARP deluge!

ACI has long been touted as a system where ARP requests are minimised, but I did some testing recently when exploring the ARP Gleaning feature (see BRKACI-3101 if you don't know what ARP Gleaning is) and found that in the case of ARP requests for non...

ARPGleaningDemoSetup.jpg Test1BMH.png Test1VM2.png Test1BMH.png
RedNectar by VIP Alumni
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Hi,   I have ACI fabric version 3.2(3n) deployed and have many unused interfaces in the initial deployment. This is dragging the overall Fabric health down. Referred to the following document to suppress fault   How ACI faults are generated and how t...

amitgami by Beginner
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As per Cisco SDN's roadmap, APIC 4.0 was supposed to be released by August last week. However, this was not released yet.    We have plans to upgrade to 4.0 from 3.1(1i). if someone already have any updates on APIC 4.0 firmware (14.X for Fabric devic...

NDP by Beginner
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This is driving me nuts.  Once upon a time, you could find the Spine Anycast Proxy VTEP addresses from Fabric > Inventory > Pod 1 > Spinennn > Protocols > IPv4 .... (As shown in figure 14 of this doc). In fact, I seem to remember that you could also ...

RedNectar by VIP Alumni
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I have downloaded the ACI simulator and want to get it up and running but you need an activation key? Do you need a support contract or is it possible for anybody to get a key via request?    It seems strange that Cisco would lock this kind of thing ...

velo84 by Beginner
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