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Hi Experts,I have a quick question about Normalized Forwarding of ACI Fabric.Does ACI support a VXLAN Tunnel between Leaf(Leaves) and VMware-vDS, and MS-vSwtich? Otherwise any plan to provide that function in the future?If there is no function and pl...

moyeonlee by Level 1
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HiA few months back my Vcenter license in my lab expired. As expected, all the hosts showed offline but my VM's were still running. The APIC was configured with my VMM domain and I was using the "on-demand" option for deployment, therefore EPG's will...

cooperb01 by Level 1
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Hi Experts Where can i find the ROOT password when i need to access some Logs regadring syslog setup/Ola★ CLI Commands ➡ cat /etc/syslog-startup.conf ➡ cat /etc/syslog-startup.conf.busybox ➡ cat /etc/syslog.conf ➡ cat /var/log/external/message ➡ (roo...

odahlqvist by Level 4
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Hi all, I'm trying to create a HA design based on Cisco VSS using 4500X, could you please check the attached diagram and recommend the issues in this design. purpose is to achieve maximum uptime to applications, also suggest which all components requ...