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Resolved! Cloud ACI in AWS

I have a customer who runs Cisco SD-WAN cloud onramp with AWS already and they are looking to extend ACI into AWS as well. I still do not understand why the SD-WAN can not be used for ACI multi-site inter-site transport between On-prem and AWS...But ...

m1xed0s by Spotlight
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Looking to have Nexus Dashboard to be outside a firewall and need to allow rules to allow Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator  to communicate with the OOB APIC IP address.

dan.laden by Level 1
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Hello all, If I configure a Bridge Domain with a Subnet, should I be able to ping the gateway of that Subnet? I am currently unable to do so. I also have an EPG configured and assigned to that Bridge Domain, but no Endpoints currently reside in the E...

vv0bbLeS by Level 1
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Hello,Is it possible to make a query that returns all the IP addresses that connect to a certain policy tag?for example I have this environment: - ESG with a name of "NoamESG" with a tag selector to the following policy tag: "NoamTag" : "NoamValue" -...

noamcoh by Level 1
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Hi Experts ,  We could see high CRC errors on one of the interface, So we would like to check if the cable is faulty ? Can we do any test from APIC on the interface ?  similar test as below which we do on Catalyst switches , Is any command available ...

Hi Experts ,  We could see high CRC errors on one of the endpoint connected interface , As we do not have cli access , Can we reset the counters from APIC ? If yes , How ? DCX2-LAEF1# show int po6 | grep 'CRC\|drop\|desc\|Last'Last clearing of "show ...