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Sticky resource issue

I receive error message "Error: sticky resource not available" after configuring "ACE/Admin(config)# sticky ip-netmask address source STICKY_FARM" in Admin context. There is no other context on the ACE and I intend to use all sticky r...

ACE Module throughput

HiIn the Datashhet of the ACE-Module (ACE20-MOD-K9) there is the following promise:Throughput16 Gbps*, 8 Gbps*, and 4 GbpsWe have a base license, so I assume we have a throughput of 4Gbps (gigabits per second).Are these 4Gbps bidirectional or unidire...

Resolved! Cisco ACE Module Packet Drops

HiDuring high throughput times (nightly, when backup runs) we see packet drops on the network. We think it's the ACE module that  drops. We use 2  ACE20-MOD-K9 with base licenses in a FT configuration in Layer2 Mode.Now I found an interesting statist...

design question: ACE module connected to 2 different L3 engine while in bridge mode

fellow engineers,i have been working on a design model , where the ACE mldule will provide SLB for both virtual and real servers. we have been deploying several UCS systems and the customer would like to use the ACE as our Enterprise SLB layerconfigu...

ACE 4710 dramatically increasing Sticky entries

Hello,When I do a "show resource usage" on my ACE 4710 / SW  Version A3(2.5) I see the Sticky entries increasing peramanently.       Resource         Current       Peak        Min        Max       Deniedsticky                    50758      62348     ...

Upgrading ACE 4710 & Licensing

HelloWe have two pairs of ACE 4710s, one pair running A3(2.4) and the other pair A3(2.0). We plan to upgarde the second pair so that they are running the same image as the first pair (we know they are not the latest, but this is the first step in a l...

swakelen by Beginner
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ACE - TCP 60 minute idle timer?

Hi Gilles,is there a tcp idle timeout with exact 60 minutes within ACE Software for NON LB connections?I have a certain TCP Connection from a FrontendServer to a certain Backend Server which gets a TCP RST every 60 minutes.The application guys blame ...

Roble Mumin by Participant
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WAE suddenly unreachable

I have an issue with a wae-512 device were it suddenly becomes unreachable and i'd have to shut/no shut the port connected to it to become reachable again. i have taken the show arp from both it's gateway and the wae device itself. the arp entry for ...

Resolved! ACE PAT to two IP-number

Hi all,ACE20 module with A2(3.3)I have tried to config a NAT-pool with two adresses, but only one is used. class-map match-all NAT015_VLAN702  2 match source-address  3 match destination-address 255.255.25...

mruuth by Beginner
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