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Hi,i want to design a wass mobile cluster solution.currently i have a single cluster (Single site) comprised of two servers (primary and backup) in my main data center  which is working.i want to increase my backup by installing additional single ser...

Hello,I am new to these appliances and am trying to figure out a soltution that meets the following requirements.  Please help.We have a requirement for a customer where they want to have DNS redundancy and I have some questions.  They want to have a...

agent2007 by Level 1
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Resolved! ACE asymmetric HA

Hello,I was hoping to validate a design for asymmetric HA using the ACE modules.  If I want some contexts to be fault tolerant and some not to be (lower priority conserve licenses) Can I simply not assign an FT group to the admin context and selectiv...

I have a WAVE 474 running v4.2.3.    I see 20-30 connections per user, with several to the same host and sequential ports.   Ex.  x.x.x.y:56678, 56679, 56680.. to 56685 going to x.x.x.z:3456...3480.    Is this correct?   I am running out of TFO conne...

Hi, I have ACE 4710 in context mode. I am doing internet browsing (Port 80) redirection to two proxy servers (Transparent Proxy) as well as I am using this ACE box for multiple other servers load balancing.I have multiple policies applied on my LAN i...

I have a strange issue. I have two sites connected via T3 MPLS. One site (A) is doing a file transfer from the other site (B)and as of now has pulled about 6GB from B. The WAAS at site A shows the connection as being optimized to the point of only pu...

JHaynes4 by Level 1
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Hi All,I have tried to configure the above parameter but it doesn't seem to be working.The version running on the ACE is 2.3.4 and I am running multiple contexts.The below configuration was tried on one of the contexts, not being Admin.The command I ...