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Please note that Remote Expert Mobile announced end-of-life and support will end on February 28, 2022.

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CUCM IP Phone Services:Is it possible to send any other parameter besides #DEVICENAME# ?

Hello Dev ProsWe are running CUCM 10.5.2 (but this may be common to many releases) and we are trying to get our phones to invoke an application by using an IP Phone service. It would be fantastic if the phone could include a parameter to identifiy it...

about REM agent SDK

We are facing some level of difficulties to build the customized agent desktop by using REM Web Agent SDK(nonGadget mode).What we can find on DevNet is simply an SDK without much document,There is no explanation on the Agent SDK in the developers gui...

Localize tooltip tag in custom tab

I have a question regarding localization on the Jabber Windows client.We have a jabber-config.xml with several custom tabs.One particular entry looks like this:     <page refresh ="true" preload="true">      <tooltip>Adressbuch</tooltip>      <url>ht...

Urs Wuest by Contributor
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Resolved! Does PWS requires Jabber client

Dear Community,We're currently developping a morning check tool to check if the presence engine is working.We're using PWS through REST.Our tool is really simple:1. login user A2. set user B in the contactlist of user A3. login user B4. setPresenceSt...

wimarques by Beginner
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