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The "getting started" guide isn't really that.. it's, "install this", read "that". But "that" are basically documents that explain how CUCM and devices communicate, what's in which SIP header. Plus there's one guide about manipulating SIP messages. I...

I'm trying to build a SPANless call recorder. It's registered as a SIP trunk and hooked up as a call recorder. I have a phone setup for automatic recording and when it's on a call I get 2 INVITEs and then 2 RTP streams. It does work but only sometime...

We are considering their SupportHub product and have the requirement to link incoming calls to their interface to retrieve caller details and history. I am told that their Contact API - Get endpoint will provide that functionality but we will need to...

I notice in the JTAPI Developers Guide that getAddress() is the only method for CiscoAddrRemovedEv (other than inherited methods). However, when I check the definition of CiscoAddrRemovedEv in NetBeans it shows both getAddress() and getTerminal(): pa...

Resolved! DVO

Hi,one customer wants to develop one C2C application where, instead of placing the call between the dialed number and the Cisco IP Phone, they want to connect the dialed number with the end user GSM number. This is what DVO offers, and I see DVO as a...

vvazquez by Cisco Employee
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Hello All - I am trying to build a JTAPI application and need some inputs for the design . My application is JTAPI softphone which sits inside a CRM, used to control users desk phone/Jabber. I would have a web server and application server hosting JT...

PVYAPA by Level 1
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