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Hello, When the double tag frame reaches the destination switch in the 802.1q tunnel, where does it begin to decapsulate the outer tag of the frame as it reaches the end of the tunnel? Does it start at the ingress switchport trunk, or the egress swit...

neogn8 by Level 1
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Dear friends,I hope anyone can help with this issue:I need to capture the packet traffic for one of the interfaces of a 2960 using the EPC utility. The switch has the following hardware / software: WS-C2960CX-8TC-L, 15.2(4)E6, C2960CX-UNIVERSALK9-MSe...

lacv2k1 by Level 1
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Hi,I would like to retrieve the details of the networking devices (switch) connected to the access points in Catalyst center.I am using the version can generate a report for all the network devices like swithces and access pointsBut it would...

После обновления, не работает Web Interface и Vlan не ходят, кроме Vlan 1.Начал настраивать Trunk порты, настроил, прописал Vlan 11, Vlan 12 на одном trunk порте, а на входящем порте прописал Vlan 1,11,12. Работает только Vlan 1, а Vlan 11 и 12 не ра...

mmamed657 by Level 1
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I was notified from Cisco that my C9300 DNA Essentials is about to expire. Product number C9300-DNA-E-48=.We're a small shop, and if I recall correctly, we were required to purchase DNA with the switch as a mandated SKU. If I understand correctly, "D...

ceva156 by Level 1
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Been struggling with DNAC compliance reporting with ACLs. I have a basic sample ACL that deploys successfully but the compliance in DNAC flags the entire ACL ac non-compliant. I can see the ACL in the config on the switch and in the configuration in ...

Positron by Level 1
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