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Hi, I’m working on a project for my company and I wanted to know if it is possible to retrieve the access code by the personalUrl or if it’s only possible by webExId. To apply it to my project, consider the scenario where the meeting host is the pers...

svwersch by Beginner
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Hello,   we are using Cisco Jabber for Mac 12.0 and a new feature is that users can use the integrated MAC calendar. The problem is that we can't see any calendar tab on Cisco Jabber for Mac.   On Cisco Jabber for Windows we have a calendar/meeting t...

A_ by Beginner
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Hello,   I successfully tested CMS webapp interop with to s4b using CMS (2.2) on a regular PC, but i now need to use it from a kiosk webapp (win10, chromium framework with no tab/plugin support) that needs to call out an s4b user/account. My biggest ...

wasvel by Beginner
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This topic is a chance to discuss more about the concepts, best deployment practices and troubleshooting tips for Webex Hybrid services. Ask questions and discuss scenarios about the Webex Hybrid features, such as: Hybrid Media Service (Video Mesh), ...

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I want to deploy CMS 1000 on my environment and i have the downloaded ova file. can i  install it on my enterprise virtual environment and configure with out buying the physical machine ? or can i install the ova file in one of my hp/Cisco  physical ...

sysadmin by Beginner
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