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Hello, I have these questions? 1. If I have configured Directory UC services and I've assigned them to a Service Profile and then to an user, will it superimpose jabber-config.xml directory configuration? 2. If I have the name of a specific jabber-co...

Hi guys. We've CUCM 10.5 on UCS, with a handful of 3945 routers configured as H.323 with ISDN30 PRI service. These routers are on 15.1 M train. We've got a pilot scheme going with Jabber for iPad. Our execs love it, but they've found they can't join ...

jon-lewis by Level 1
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We recently installed our first Spark Call customer and they are asking me about 2 features and if they exist or are planned:1.     Direct transfer to voice mail: they want the ability to transfer a call from the operator directly to a users voice ma...

Resolved! Jabber for android

My team and I found that you can put the domain name into the domain field on a BOT device (Cisco Dual Mode for Android) and it will connect with our system. (see attachment) Androids don't like just a host name, it wants the FQDN to connect to CUCM....

Hi, I have signed an Expressway-E with Comodo and when Jabber for Windows connects, everything is fine, but when I connect from Android I still, get a security warning. This is the first time I have signed the Expressway by Comodo, all other installa...

Hi Collaboration Expert, I want to use jabber (windows/android/iphone). So I've configured CSF, BOT and TCT devices in CUCM. After that while I'm going to login in windows jabber with selection of "cisco comm manager 9 or latter" and its IP add then ...

Resolved! Jabber xml option?

Is there a Jabber option in the xml to grey out this tick box so the user cannot change it.  General -->  Tick "Start Cisco Jabber    when my computer starts."   The end goal is to make Jabber persistent on start-up (so the user cannot untick this bo...

Anthony R by Level 5
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