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Displaying queue stats on a reader board
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Level 1

We'd like to display our real time queue status i.e. how many calls in the queue, current wait time etc. on a reader board? Has anyone does this before and if so how did you do it?


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I'd like a copy of the script also.


If your not already fed up with new people asking could I also please see that script

If its not too late. I would like to have this as well. Thank you.

I'd like the sample too.

Could you just attach the sample script to the post here.



I would rally appreciate if you could send me a copy of the script. Thanks Raju

It'll be very kind of you to send script to

may I have a copy of the script to please

Many thanks

me to please..

If you have time to send me, I would appreciate it.

I am interested in your sample script.


Are you sorry that you asked? Please send me a copy. Thanks much.


Still shelling out copies of your sample script? I'll take a copy or a link to where you've got it posted.

Thanks in advance,

I know you have got a lot of request for this script. Could either post in here of send me a copy of it.

Is it possible for you to send the script again? I never received a copy of it.


I'd appreciate the script as Thanks very much.

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