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Resolved! CCNA Expiry

The CCNA certification is theoretically valid for 3 years. But is it the case in the real world. What I mean is, if I have have an "expired" CCNA cert, will employers view it as worthless or do they not care whether or not it is expired?

girrep by Beginner
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Three years back I purchased two ISR routers and shipped them to a data center.At the time my company was not registered as a Cisco VAR so we purchased them from another company.When the items were shipped it had my company name c/o the data center.A...

UnifiedC by Beginner
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We are currently going through an upgrade on our CUCM environment to move from 10.5 to 12.5. Currently, our SWSS support is maintained on 10.5 part codes. However, we know that this goes EOS next year. Does anyone know how we go about renewing on 12....

caroberts by Beginner
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