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Resolved! VXLAN EVPN Advertise PIP

Dear All,   The EVPN fabric I have built has a per-VRF iBGP peering between the leaf switches (which are VPC peers). This is working well, but I would like to eliminate the overhead of using an iBGP peering every time I create a new VRF.   When I bui...

j.a.m.e.s by Participant
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Implementation of redundancy on a Nexus 7000

Hello everyone,  I currently have a Nexus 7000 in production with only one supervision board, I would like to install a second one.Before adding the card I made sure that :- the model is the same- the version of NX OS is the same However, I wonder ab...

JGFR by Beginner
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Migrate 7K from F1 to F2

Is there a good way to move from a VDC configuration using F1 cards to F2 cards using the same slot?  I've seen the documentation for adding a F2 card, creating a new VDC, tieing the old and new VDC and moving then existing vPC connections to the new...

mumbles202 by Enthusiast
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Steps for investigating DDoS attack

Hi   Nexus 7010 with N7K-SUP1 running NXOS 6.2(16).   High CPU occasionally peaking above 90%.    Log filling up with following messages:   %USER-3-SYSTEM_MSG: NTP Receive dropping message: Received NTP control mode packet. Drop count:152  - ntpd %US...

gsidhu by Participant
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Nexus 5548 Licensing

Can someone answer the following for me please I have x2 5548 Nexus switches each with a N55-M16UP expansion card installed Both have a N55-8P-SSK9 license   I have a second pair of Nexus 5548s. I have a requirement to Move the N55-M16UP to the new 5...

New VSM Extension Key

How can I create/change a new extension key on the VSM to match the vSphere Distributed Switch.ERROR:  [VMware vCenter Server 5.0.0 build-455964] Cannot create a VDS of extension key Cisco_Nexus_1000V_506716001 that is different than that of the logi...

MTU settings and B2B VPC

Hi All   Just trying to asses the risk of changing the MTU size on live N77k - N9k B2B VPC connections for supporting Jumbo Frames. We have 2 x N77k - in VPC domain 11 - connecting to 2 x N9ks in VPC domain 21. Each N9k has a connection to each N7k s...