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How to export log to syslog server?

I can't get the log messages from nexus 1000v on my ubuntu server. I configured nexus 1000v with the following commands:Nexus1000v# conf tNexus1000v(config)# show logging serverLogging server:                 disabledNexus1000v(config)# logging serve...

Netflow v9 "Bad Packets" w/NTOP

I am trying to visualize the Netflow output of my Nexus 1000V using NTOP, among other tools.  I am seeing flows from the Nexus, but the data is not correct.  There appear to be two issues:1) I see the "Bad v9 Packets" counter incrementing.  In my lab...

niversen by Beginner
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Can't remove DVS configuration

My VEM has become completely disconnected from reality.  It is connected to the VSM, but that is all that is correct about it.  It will not sychronize with the VSM without errors.  One one resynch, it moved all the uplink ports into the "Unused and Q...

niversen by Beginner
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How to add a new vem to the vsm?

Does anyone can tell me how to make vsm connect to the multi vems? I have made vsm connect the vem on the same host. The “show module” displays:Nexus1000v# show moduleMod  Ports  Module-Type                      Model              Status---  -----  -...

nic teaming?

I'm implementing Nexus 1000v with Vsphere.  This will be on IBM blades with 2 physical nics.Can I team the nics in this environment?  If so, should it be done before installation /config of the Nexus switch or after?Thanks

eric-bu by Beginner
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NX1000v & NX5k LACP port-channel

Hello,I'd like to know what is the best practice for the Load Balancing protocol between LACP channel from NX1000 to Nexus5010my curent setup is:5k Non IP: source-dest-mac IP: source dest ip source dest mac 1k: Non IP: source-dest-mac IP: Source-des...

Moving VSM Guest to VEM host

I'm having trouble getting my VSM to work on a host with a VEM installed. I have 5 ESX 4U1 hosts. VEM is running on the first 4. The VSM is running alone on the 5th host without a VEM.My procedure to move the VSM to another hosts is this:1) Save runn...

hypnotoad by Participant
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