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Multicast in VXLAN Underlay

 Hi all, hoping for a bit of help from any multicast gurus out there. I'm building the underlay network for a VXLAN setup and I can't get the multicast working properly. I'm using 4 nexus 9500v for the spines and 8 9300v for the leaves, both running ...

jlimbo987 by Beginner
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SVI over VTEP on 9396PX = can't make it work

Hello,I have just tried to configure a vlan interface (SVI) on a VLAN arriving through a layer 2 Vxlan on a laboratory device N9K-C9396PX. The purpose is to use that VLAN interface in order to manage the device itself (snmp/telnet/ssh etc.) but I can...

ss1 by Beginner
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Cisco Nexus 5596

Does Cisco offer lifetime hardware warranty on the lower end Nexus switches 5596 or just a standard 1-year manufacture warranty?  There are some conflicting information on Warranty Finder.  It shows 90 days hardware warranty which doesn't sound right...

abbasali5 by Beginner
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Stuck at bios Nexus 3000

HI Guys,I have a switch Nexus 3064PQ stuck at bios. *(c) Copyright 2011, Cisco Systems.N3000 BIOS v.1.7.0, Mon 10/14M Unable to boot past this.Anyone has already idea what's wrong with this? Thanks in advance!

whitegrape by Beginner
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Monitoring iSCSI IO/s on Nexus 5k

Hi, we are experiencing issues in our iSCSI environment and i got asked if we can monitor the iSCSI IO/s on the Nexus 5k interfaces.I looked at the interface counters but could not find a fitting counter. Have i overlooked something or is there a oth...

hermytion by Beginner
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Resolved! Nexus 5K

HiI have been tasked with uploading via tftp new images to our Nexus 5k devices ready for the upgrade process,  do I use the same commands that I would when uploading via tftp to a catalyst switch.? Thanks 

benolyndav by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Connecting NX-56128P to C2300(FEX) through QSFP Breakouts(40g QSFP-SR4 to SFP+10G-SR, MTP cable)

Can I connect the FEX(QSFP port) to NX-5600 with a breakout cable?and if yes, does it matter what polarity(A, B or C) the cable is as long as I don't use patch panels in the middle?I ordered Polarity B it hasn't arrived yet!and the reason is because ...

Aaron_un by Beginner
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