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Welcome to the DevNet Sandbox community!
Please share and collaborate on any questions, comments, or ideas here.
If you have a technical issue, please click on the "Start a Conversation" button.
Leave details in the post, such as the name of the sandbox and details about the problem. Make sure to add a label with the type of problem you are having (such as Connectivity Issues and VPN, Sandbox Reservation Issues, Sandbox Specific Technical Issues, or Other Sandbox Issues).
If you are new to our development labs, you can develop, code & configure for free with the DevNet Sandboxes today.

Forum Posts

Once a sandbox for Cisco Kinetic for Cities is reserved I get the email with the link to set the initial password (which by the email subject it's actually a password reset) but it just take me to the login page to fill out with the user/pwd. Even if...

Attempting to access Active Directory on the Windows 2012 box in the sandbox and the "ABC\developer - sandbox12345!" creds are not working when UAC pops up to validate access. There is no other info in the "instructions" section of the sandbox. What ...

Resolved! Multiple VPN Users

I need 2 additional logins for my current VPN reservation, (collaboration 12.5).  How do I do this?  I've found others have asked this and received responses here.  Thanks!

sbacon71 by Level 1
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Hi all!I have 2 questions + 1 heads-up regarding the sandbox: I am planning to go for the CLCOR exam next month and I was wondering if I could get more than 6 days for the sandbox Collaboration v12.5? Would it be possible to extend to 30 days?I've se...

rodmarcos by Level 1
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Hi, I have the sandbox setup I think correctly.  I have agent1  logged in and in "ready" state.  I launch the MakeCall.bat on the Windows VM thru RDP.  I don't see any notification in the Cisco Finesse web client.  No messages on the console or anyth...