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Hello everyone, next days I'll have a MW in order to adjust some OSPF parameteres in a big network with ASR9K IOS-XR and I have the following doubt: If I configure the command "auto-cost reference-bandwidth" globally is it applied for all VRFs or I h...

Hi I have been looking for a document when HSPR V2 will be available on the ASR920 platform. The feature navigator does not seem to know the ASR920 yet and I have not found any release notes that contained the information. Can anyone help? Thanks Mat

Hello, I have a problem with QinQ configuration in our Network, I have two ASR 1006 routers with 4 cisco switches. I attached the configuration of all the switches and routers as well as the topology here.     R1    --------------   R2     |        ...

Hi all,  I've a setup with ASR920 as the P router and the ME1200 as the PE. When the first setup was performed, it was all done via the CLI on the ASR at the controller CLI, but now we have installed a Cisco Prime Networks, and the ME1200 were added...

I have a ISR 4331 that I would like to connect to my service provider for Layer II Ethernet Access.  I would assume that standard RJ-45 LAN port will be good enough or do I need special LAN port for Metro Ethernet Connectivity. Thanks,

abbasali5 by Beginner
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Resolved! ME3800 HA

I am running a pair of ME3800's but have one as a hot standby and have been copying the config over to it on a regular basis.  I would like to make it a active active or active standby HA pair,  is this possible?

tbrumbaugh by Beginner
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I'm having issues trying to get VLAN Bandwidth Limiting to apply only to one particular VLAN.  I can get the rate limiting to work on the customer port along with the service provider port, but on the service provider port the rules seem to apply to ...

Hi,in the Cisco 7600 we have the following command to configure a service instance:service instance id ethernet  [service-name]Searching information for the meaning of the service-name option I didn't find nothing..Do you know what service-name do an...

urbinir by Beginner
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Here is one question about the VPLS. I configured a VPLS with type-4 pw (pw-class passthrough). The AC interface of PE-1 use the rewrite POP action. The topo is as below: PE-1 (0/0/0/1) ---- P ---- PE-2 If it is one-layer tag traffic sent to PE-1, ...

wgd by Beginner
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