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Distribute BGP through EIGRP for specific VRF

Hello. In my home lab I have the following scenario - see picture SCENARIO.I would like to provide access, for Customer B, towards WAN. Here is the configuration I have implemented - see file CONFIGURATIONI cannot find the reason why when runningShow...

aw75635 by Beginner
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MPLS Interface attributes

I have a question about MPLS Interface attributes.In the examples I see:  Interface                  LDP      Tunnel   Enabled   -------------------------- -------- -------- -------- POS0/4/0/0                 Yes      Yes      Yes Interface - which ...

Mesho7 by Beginner
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Nexus 5K

Hi TAC Please advise. In a scenario where you have two N5K and to N7K Spine connected redundantly and you lost communication between the uplinks which are bundled on a Port-Channel. Running a command “ No Shut “ on the physical interfaces under that ...

Cisco IOS-XRv - Nokia l2vpn issue.

I configured ISIS, ldp, l2vp between  XRv-Juniper and XRv-Nokia. The l2vpn connection between  XRv-Juniper works fine. But l2vpn connection XRv-Nokia doesn't work well. Nokia side is up, Cisco side is down.Cisco side:interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0/7....

Route Distinguisher operation

Hi,I need help with the operation of RD.I Know that the RD (64 bits) is attached to the prefix when is send into the MP-BGP cloud to other PE?s, being converted in a VPNv4 packet.My question is: What is the route decision process in the receiving PE?...

Segment Routing and BGP-LU Questions

Hi there, I have couple of questions about some Segment Routing and BGP-LU.  Above is my network topology. So here are the details and I will omit some details just to keep things simple.* orange area is ISIS AGG1. Yellow is ISIS BB. Grey is AGG2* no...



Hello group,I'm struggling to make the PBR working on Nexus7010 (with SUP2,N7K-M132XP-12L and NX-OS 7.3.3 D1) The setup is the following small MPLS topology: <Customer CE router> --- <Nexus7K MPLS PE> --- <MPLS P router> --- <Egress MPLS PE router1 &...

L2TPv3 issue on NCS 5000

Hi, I am testing L2TPv3 between two NCS 5001 connected by a L3 network, but it doesn't work (the first one has IOS XR 6.2.x and the other one IOS XR 6.3.x). Dynamic configuartion never comming up, and static configuration comming up, but there isn't ...

How To Configure MPLS LDP Peering ?

Label distributing protocol (LDP) is a protocol which is automatically generates and exchanges labels between MPLS routers. Each MPLS router will locally generate labels for its prefixes and then it will advertise the label values to its neighbors.  ...

20200118_163532.jpg mpls ldp peering.png

Resolved! Packet Lost in ping mpls ipv4/pseudowire

Hi All, we have a pseudowire between two devices, one 7600 and one ASR900.When we do a ping mpls pseudowire from 7600 to ASR9000, we don't have packet lost. But when the ping is from the ASR 9000 to 7600, we have some lost.RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:x#ping mpls ...