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Mobile operator IP design

What form of IP design will be suitable for a mobile operator with more than 30million subscribers, that is ready to converge its network to All-IP and offers quadruple play services (voice, video, data, games) to its subscribers? If the operator alr...

exchange1 by Beginner
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[LDP sync addss 65k cost to routes]

hi, when turning on ldp-sync on an XR router if it sees a route for which it doesn't have a label assigned (for example, when your not running LDP on a specific router that does not support it), it the router adds a cost of 65k to that particular rou...

Policy based forwarding within a VRF

Hi,The functionality that I needed is: Based on the destination IP and port addressed the packets within a VRF should be forwarded to another VRF. So policy based routing within a VRF should be used. According to

etxnreg by Beginner
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Hi,I am trying to configure mpls on 3640 router but it doesn't show "mpls label protocl" command.Although I have enable ip cef and mpls labe range as well.Can anyone know how to enable it.IOS I am using 12.2-40.

mshakil by Beginner
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Implementing MPLS over VLAN trunk

We are investigation the options of running MPLS between our two core switches (C6509 with dual Sup720s) with the aim of introducing MPLS VPNs. These two core switches are linked via a Layer 2 trunk in a collapsed backbone topology. Is it possible to...

mmelbourne by Contributor
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multilink mpls

we are generating mpls labels only for the loopbacks.on a 7200 router i am having multilinl numbered 22when i run the command show mpls-forwarding i got the foloowing output69 Untagged 0 Mu22 point2point70 ...

VPLS Troubleshooting

Hi,I have deploy this to my network. I have created VPLS and the PW is UP. But i cant ping from end to end (CE to CE). What is the possible problem?--mazlan

duplicate ip address in MPLS

I have 2 PE routers (loopback ip: and which are connected to 2 P routers respectively. In one of the LAN interface between the 2 PE routers, I have HSRP running with VIP This particular LAN interface doesn...

Cluster ID on multiple VPNv4 RRs

Hi Sir,In an MPLS Layer 3 VPN environment with two VPNv4 RRs and all the PE routers have iBGP sessions with both RRs, what's the implication if no cluster ID is configured on the RRs? And what's the implication if the same cluster ID is configured on...

MPLS VPN / BGP Netflow Issue

I have followed all of the configuration steps given for egress accounting with netflow on a MPLS VPN link. However, it is only showing flows coming into the router. I need to be able to account both ways- any recommendations? Config below:interfa...

PBR and traffic treatment

I would like to know if it possible to apply treatment to a traffic flux before forward it in LSP in using PBR.Treatment would be trafic measure, policing, shapping and tagging.Could you show me an example of configuration where I could see this.Than...

Djule2804 by Beginner
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Iam enabling MPLS (LDP) on the backbone of my network. The connected routers are 7613 at the central location and 7200 at remote location. Both sides the e1 termination are on Channelised E1 portsThe topology is attachedThe moment I enable ldp neighb...

Multicast failover between DC and DR site

Hi,We want to setup multicast VPN on the service providers MPLS backbone.Our setup is we have a DC and DR site. Primarily all the remote sites will connect to DC site and in case DC site fails remote sites will connect to DR site.Requirement is to co...