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Hi All, I have an ASR 9000, but it doesn't support MPLS. The current release is 4.2.1, and if is it possible for me to upgrade it to 4.3.4? When I login with my CCO account, I found the software is 4.3.4(MD), and why it has an MD? Thanks,Mei RP/0/RSP...

Hi Everyone, I'd like to know what is most MPLS providers' SOP for their COS especially for Premium i.e. Voice. If you subscribed 10M Premium and exceed that amount, what happens? Assuming the the entire pipe purchased is 100Mb for argument sake and ...

Hi everyone!we are have a problem with enabling vc on EoMPLS circuit on Cisco ME3600x. all configuration is the same and working, we are checked ping, traceroute, ping mpls ipv4, ping mpls pseudowire, every our trying was clear and well, but when we ...

can anyone suggest me the best method of NAT on PE ASBR router before sending the customer traffic to any CSP if CSP is advising that they only receive public IP. I have a solution but some discrepancies are there. like when the customer is using any...

Hi,   I'm having a weird issue with a couple of ME-3600X units, On IOS version 15.4(3)S9 we configured some EoMPLS pseudowires, the come up an work fine, but I upgrade to 15.5.3S7 or 15.6.2-SP4 which are the " Cisco Suggested release based on softwar...

davidwilko by Beginner
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Intention:Forwarding traffic destined for vrf A & traffic destined for R6 l01( based on SRTE explicit pathMy SR Policy on head-end router is UP, receiving prefix from remote PE with proper next-hop and color ext community  I am new to ...


Hello guys, Need your help to understand below highlighted.I am getting exceed drops in QOS voice class and value is showing as -ve.Anyone having any idea about this? is it is a bug or what? Please suggest your ideas. Thanks.  Class-map: VOICE-OUT (m...

akhildevv by Beginner
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Hello, cisco community. I can't find any information about VPLS(H-VPLS) support in C9300.We want to replace our ME3600X/ME3800X, but we're not sure if C9300 is suitable enough.Could anyone help me with that?

maxmaeve by Beginner
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We have MPLS backbone, the backbone is connected to two internet service providers (ISP1 and ISP2), PE1 receives the default route from ISP1 and PE2 receives the default route from ISP2. Both PEs then advertise the default route to other VRFs (Custom...

ahmede1 by Beginner
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Hi, I have a problem in my small PBB-EVPN lab installation.Two PE routers (ASR9904) are directly connected via a 100GE link. On these two routers, a full and correct operating PBB-EVPN configuration is implemented.The ingress ports on the access side...

So my boss has this tendency to save a few bucks by buying gear from just whoever. Not every time, but a lot of the time. I really never gave it much thought, assumed he was doing things legitimately and just did my thing.Then it was decided that I s...

Hi, am faced with a rather weird one. I have configured a L2VPN between a pair of NCS5501`s, and connected end devices(CPEs) to the attached VLAN. All is working, except connectivity to a BVI interface configured on on one of the routers, from the re...

ProNtokz by Beginner
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