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Resolved! IS-IS vs OSPF with MPLS

Can anybody supply me with links to good info as to the reason for running IS-IS as opposed to OSPF with MPLS ?We are going to design an ISP type network with MPLS and being a large network I would like to design it to be very scalable thus the quest...

Activation failed

Hello,   i got the following message when i enter this command: neighbor VPNv4 activate under address-family vpnv4    % Activation failed : configure "bgp listener range" before activating peergroup os SR 920 this is configuration router bgp 65500 ne...

MKERKACHE by Beginner
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Resolved! LSP broken when ldp running on gre tunnel interface

1.GRE  tunnel is configured between  MIKrotik  router OS  and PE . 2.EBGP  is running between PE and VGW to propagate route of  the  tunnel source and destination .  3.ldp and ospf is running on gre tunnel    here is some output information on PE  R...

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ethanzhao by Beginner
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Hello,    I made LAB using CSR1000V as PE and 3750  as CE , i configured RIP CE/PE, routing between them is working well, however redistribution is not working   PE configuration :   vrf definition vpn1 rd 100:1 ! address-family ipv4 route-target exp...

MKERKACHE by Beginner
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Ask the Expert- MPLS Best Practices- Configuration & Troubleshooting

This topic is a chance to discuss more about the Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology and its typical applications. This session will cover all questions related to MPLS fundamentals including its supporting protocols (LDP, BGP), and its ...


Resolved! MPLS CE to CE not pinging

Hello, I am unable to ping loopback from one CE (SCB-LHR) to other CE (SCB-ISB) despite i received the loopback in routing table of corresponding remote CE's in my GNS3 topology. 1- OSPF is running in MPLS Domain 2- MPLS is configured properly 3-VRF'...


cisco u - per-user static route

Hello all, I have implemented a PPPoE authentication (PPPoe Client and Server [NAS]) in GNS3 using freeRADUIS, and i want also to send a route with RADIUS,but i don't know what is the purpose and the advantage of using or injecting static route with ...

cris tani by Beginner
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VPN Route-Reflector

Hi All,         I have a number of PEs peering with a RR, the aim is for these RR-clients to exchage their customers routes via the RR.Now looking at the configuration below, i cannot see the need as to  why "address-family ipv4" should be present in...

Segmenting a single VLAN with VRF-LTE

Hello, I wish to segment a single vlan using VRF-LTE from the global routing table.  Can I create a single vrf for that vlan, associate the SVI with the VRF and then configure a new EIGRP AS to do dynamic routing for the VRF/Segmented Vlan?  And in d...

ASR 901 MPLS Problem

Hi I have Cisco A901-6CZ-F-D  with active license , how i can run MPLS with 1580 MTU on it ? Best Regards

Murad* by Beginner
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C6800 Control Word PW CW VPLS

Hello    Perilously we used in C7600 series the comand: pseudowire-class CW encapsulation mpls control-word l2 vfi mng-cw manual vpn id 333 neighbor pw-class CW   this control-word doesn't exist on 6800-(SPA.155-1.SY1) series in pseudowi...

Received BGP route but not able to ping

Hello essays :)   something I've seen pretty often but never understood is: why we receive a route in BGP but we can't ping as seen in the output below:   R333#show ip bgp vpnv4 vrf ciaoo neighbors received-routesBGP table version is 6, local...