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Hi,We are finding that some router models are more susceptible to CRC increase/snr decrease than others and tend to lose sync more easily especially when it comes down to sudden spikes in crc indicative of REIN/SHINE issues. Im trying to determine wh...

Obi-WWAN by Level 1
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I've setup an icmp-echo IP SLA on a Cisco C9300 to ping another device on our network. I'm now trying to monitor the amount of timeouts seen by the IP SLA job in our monitoring tool (WhatsUp Gold) but when setting up the monitor, the issue I'm having...

DM812 by Level 1
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I know that there was a tool a couple of years ago which migrated config from Cisco IOS to Nexus but it doesn't look like this is available anymore. Is there anything else around which can migrate the configuration? Python script or similar? https://...

Evlaa2021 by Level 1
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I'm experiencing 'request timeout' when trying to ping external destinations from my network. The issue occurs when ACLs are enabled on my router. It's perplexing as to why this happens. Any suggestions or insights on resolving this issue would be gr...

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samuelm by Level 1
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Hi Guys. I have installed eve-ng on Hyper-V on Windows 11. I am trying to run multiple routers and FortiGate devices but have not been able to access the devices from my PC. I am using a bridged-adapter. My home network issues an IP address to my eve...

Hey, I'm working on this project and could use some help. I'm trying to show that Quality of Service optimization for a network is way better than regular optimization. I'm using Cisco Packet Tracer to illustrate the network design before (no Quality...

Vin25 by Level 1
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So my CISCO 3925 ROUTER has IOS 15.7(3)M6 I can only find Documentation for 15.3(3) and 15.6(3)... they are Basically all 15.x M&T Versions...I guess my question: Is there going to be much Difference in the Documentation that I use??