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Hello, quick question. I have two Cisco 3850s in production that are trunked together and I am needing to stack a new 3850 to the second. The new switch came in with a newer IOS (16.05.06) but the IOS version of my original switches is quite old (3.0...

Fezziwig by Level 1
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Hello All, I am trying to configure an extended ACL for my R2-NY. I want to deny ssh traffic from my and made sure the direction is inbound. The statement is below: 10 deny tcp any eq 2220 permit ip any any Howe...

Hi,i work with a Cisco 9200L and i want to capture the traffic.i can display the traffic with 1.Device# debug platform software fed switch active packet-capture startPunt packet capturing started.Device# debug platform software fed switch active pack...

Jan2000 by Level 1
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I'm using 5915's for embedded systems that boot, run for a while, and then turn off again. Configuration management is important to us. I'm getting messages at boot that PnP stopped because it detected a configuration file. Is there a way to disable ...

I am trying to configure an Anyconnect VPN.  The wizard failed miserably, and I have been trying to get it to work for a few hours now.  It will connect, but no traffic is passing.  I had been getting error messages in the log, but now that I fixed (...

rwills by Level 1
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Hello colleagues Here is the part of the script, that i use: event manager applet test777 authorization bypassevent cli pattern "testme" enteraction 1 info type routernameaction 10 cli command "enable"action 11 cli command "sh clock"action 12 regexp ...