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I am using a Cisco ASR1001-X router. I have two different public IP blocks with CIDR /27 each. Here minimum 20 private IP blocks for my LAN network. That's why I am using two IP nat pools for two public IP blocks for load balancing. But the problem i...

I would like to confirm the following details regarding the DNAC product (DN2-HW-APL-L).Is it possible to check the optical transmit and receive levels of each device's SFP in DNAC? 【Things to Confirm】Regarding the optical transmit and receive levels...

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The built-in $_event_pub_sec is defined as "The time, in seconds, at which the event was published to the EEM." based on this reference.  My question is, what is "T(0) for this value...number of seconds since WHEN?  How would I convert a current date...

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