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RV340 DHCP Intermittent Issue

Hi!  I am having issues with a new Router.  I have the DHCP Configured on VLAN 1 for and VLAN 2  Both of these VLANs can receive IPs, but only do so intermittently.  Using dhcptest, a little windows tool, I get mayb...

BBIMAdmin by Beginner
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Resolved! Unable to configure Vlan1: Invalid input detected at '^' marker

HI, We just got an ISR 4331 and I am in the process of configuring it. However, when I try to access interface Vlan 1, I am unable to access interface Vlan 1: RTR(config)#interface vlan1                                   ^% Invalid input detected at ...

csasaki by Beginner
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ASA5545-X power supply monitoring with SNMP

Hi,I'm trying to read the status of redundat power supplies on ASA5545-X. As far as I understood power status should be available using object "cefcFRUPowerOperStatus" with OID "" from CISCO-ENTITY-FRU-CONTROL-MIB. This o...

fipete by Beginner
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Cisco QoS MIB

Hello, Before i apologize in advance for my english or if i detail my question incorrectly. I'll provide any additional information if needed for my problem. So currently on our NNMI HP Microfocus infrastructure we're monitoring Cisco equipement with...

Are SPAN ports secure?

Hello All,   I need to capture traffic from a secure network but a PC will be capturing the traffic so one NIC will be used for the SPAN traffic and the other will be connected to another less secure network for management.  Can a hacker use that SPA...

Cisco Prime CPU Alarm

Hi, Currently in our company running Cisco Prime Version : 3.4.0 Build : police for CUP Utilization is 15 min Use System Default 90%. Which mean alarm will generate as minor.But we receive the alert as Critical and CPU Utilizat...

cpu.PNG cpu2.PNG
alvinaung by Beginner
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Resolved! Nexus 9000 no password strength-check

I've got a Nexus 9000 Series that I'm configuring. I've configured "no password strength-check" and see that it has been disabled with the show password strength-check. Unfortunately when I try to change my password I get the following:% Wrong passwo...

hfitzger by Beginner
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Resolved! SNMP: Find out if interface is a trunk

Hi,Does anybody know the OID of a table that tells me whether the interfaces on a switch are configured as trunks?So I want SNMP to poll the list of interfaces and tell me which are trunks and which are access ports.Thanks in advance.regards,Kevin

khuysmans by Beginner
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