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Hi everybody,I have troubles with LMS 3.1.1 installed on Windows Server 2003 SP 2When I go to Common Services -> Hoime I can see that (see PDF in attachement)JRM server is down or inaccessible for this userDCR Server is down or inaccessibleAnyone kno...

Hi i replace an old switch with a new Cisco SF300. I modified the default IP adress : my internal network is : 192.168.1.x   I cant access my Cisco  from GUI and i cant ping it but i'm able to do it with my second old switch which has th...

Svor by Beginner
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Hello all,   I am looking to replace the chassis of an ISR 4300 router. I know of course that ISR routers do not have an external flash - the flash card is a daughterboard card inside the chassis.  When the new chassis arrives, will it be possible fo...

tsafoyan1 by Beginner
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Hi guys   New to the switching world, just had a quick query about upgrading IOS on a Cisco 3650. Ideally I'm looking to put together a script in Solarwinds to do it remotely as there are a number of devices that need upgrading and I'm looking at way...

Hy Everybody.I have a Cisco router 1800 and i would like use FailOver.I have my Configuration whch works but i still have a little detail to solve.service timestamps debug datetime msec service timestamps log datetime msec no service password-encrypt...

domoticity by Beginner
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Dear All,   I am trying to figure out the NTP unsynchronized issue with the Call manager and Unity. I am using IOS based NTP server. Even though I configured NTP server on the default gateway(2800 router) however, the NTP is still not synchronizing...

voipeee by Beginner
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Hi everyone,   I have to connect the tablet to the server with Remote Access through my APs (CAP1552SA) and Firewall ASA5525X. The question is if it´s neccessary to implement a Switch between RAP and ASA5525X or not. The CAPs are in Autonomus Mode be...

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