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Hello, I have to make a script that must wait for a few moments before continuing the actions. The problem is that when I use two nested scripts the action regexp command does not work (it does not recognize the match variable). I have to do some act...

maty by Level 1
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Hello All,   Trying to add dell switches to prime 3.1, the switches are S6000-ON want to monitor the utilization of one of the interface. I have the MIB last one the list .zip

Jas1066 by Level 1
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Hi Team, I have 3650 switch which is causing High cpu. it is running with ver "cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.06.03.E.152-2.E3.bin" below is the logs  Core 0: CPU utilization for five seconds: 99%; one minute: 82%; five minutes: 79%Core 1: CPU utiliz...

Robo123 by Level 1
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Hello, we have installed Cisco PI 3.3. I have configured Alarm Policies to suppress Alarms and Events, that show link-down on access switch ports. What confuses me is that under Monitor --> Monitoring Tools --> Alarms and Events (Events tab), I can s...

Ok maybe some can help me. I had a rookie new employee configure a cisco 3850 switch. His credentials say other wise...... Anyway he configured consol line 0 4 vty 5 15. for telnet\ssh log ins but he forgot to add users. This is not the hard part. I ...

I am trying to print my topology on a plotter. I am selecting Engineering C as the paper type. However, when i submit the print job, it prints a cut off part of the topology. I tried printing to PDF and that is also unsuccesfull. Is java the issue or...

rmavis by Level 1
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Ive got a Cisco 2800 - Cisco IOS Software, 2800 Software (C2800NM-IPBASE-M), Version 12.4(15)T9, and trying to configure NTP to sync with my Nexus for time. Got other  switches and routers  vendor equipments pointing to my NTP server (Nexus) and work...