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I used OID: to retrieve CPU value; and cisco device return to me same OID with extension, my question is how i can know .1, .2, .7 and .9 belong to what CPU?  = Gauge32:

Toss Leey by Level 1
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Prime infrastructure 3.2 server backup failed (PI on VM, Standalone) Trying to backup via SFTP.   getting an error message "a backup or restore is already in progress"     Work Performed -- NCS restarted --Removed configured SFTP from Prime running c...

Binish by Level 1
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Hi, I am new to networking and I would like to know some basic about mentioned below are. Next Hop Exit Interface Routing Rule Switch Forwarding Rule Switchport DNS Name Please provide some knowledge about them if possible please give some normal exa...

Cannot get informs to generate with the config below.  Can snmpv3 poll device just fine.  What concept am I missing here.   snmp-server view vfview_default iso included snmp-server group vfnetwork v3 priv read vfview_default write vfview_default noti...

pattyj by Level 1
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