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Hello....I am using Cisco CNA version 6.3. I can connect to 17 of our switches on our network but I cannot seem to connect to 3...all are 3650s. When I connect to these 17 I can archive the setup successfully. Any suggestions as to why I cannot conne...

CofMHCisco by Beginner
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Hi, I want to know what are the best practices for deploying prime infrastructure 3.1 with DMVPN knowing that I manage all devices through loopback interface and I have a fiber and WiMAX links ( i use bfd static route). Also, can I receive alarms if ...

mecharek1 by Beginner
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Hello there, Is there an easier method to determine what mode an interface is in (access|trunk) without using the cli from within an EEM applet? This works but it does not seem to be 100% reliable.  Sometimes the rest of my applet run on a trunk in...

yaplej by Beginner
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Hello, we recently upgraded our ASR1006 to 15.5-3S3. Before the upgrade we were implementing the global command 'ip flow version 5' for Netflow. My question:  is there any known compatibility issues with switching to 'ip flow version 9'?

drivers by Beginner
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hi!!! i'm korean engineer and i use N9K-C9508-B3 switch. this is based on NX-OS i want to find web ui. but, i coudln't find so i have a question 1. Does it exist web-UI about NX-OS ? 2. web-UI only assign in cisco IOS...?    (for example : i atta...

jogilsang by Beginner
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Hi there, I'm trying to find a way to manage\document the ports in a cisco Patch Panel (NCS-PP-100x10-LR\SR)

dudster83 by Beginner
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