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Hello everybody: I am trying to set a backup on PI 3.0 using SFTP repository, however I am getting the following error when checking the repository: cpi02-to3-corp/admin# show repository SFTP 6 [6637]: transfer: cars_xfer.c[201] [admin]: sftp dir of ...

rriveraa by Cisco Employee
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I am running PI 3.1.3. I have a Cisco Catalyst 3650-48PS-E Switch, and I am attempting to deploy image file cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.07.02.E.152-3.E2.bin. We have configured PI to use SCP first, followed by FTP, and the transfer with SCP is faili...

smp by Enthusiast
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Resolved! IOS XO vs. E

Hi. I have a Cisco 4507R+E and a 4510R+E that are both running IOS version 3.3.2XO. I am looking to update the IOS and all new versions appear to have E at the end instead of XO. For example, the recommended version is 3.6.5E. What is the difference ...

CBowman02 by Beginner
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Resolved! CCA and SG500

I have an SG500 in place, all configured and running. I configured it all through the web, which was torture.I now want to try out the Cisco Configuration Assistant, but I cannot get it to log into the SG500. I get the Authentication window, put in t...

jhickman by Beginner
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Hi, Since I have more than 15000 devices in PI 3.0.3 ,As per Cisco recommendation am trying to build three instances because its utilizing more than 250k of interfaces        1st Instance on HA           2nd instance on HA         3rd Instance also o...

I would really appreciate any help in this matter.I want to know how to give read-only access to Cisco devices (network switches, routers and appliances) using TACACS+ through the Cisco Secure ACS server (The TACACS+ server).In my case, I want to ass...