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Reset Fex Configuration

Hi, I wanted to know if it was possible to power up a N2K-C2248 and be able to clear any pre-installed config from a previous N5K that had been previous connected to? We are trying to re-deploy Fex's on N5K's that are in production with a lower NX/...

CCP 2.5 display error

So after battling for a while, I finally figured out that CCP only opens properly if I run it as an Administrator. My hopes were cut short again because the next problem I encountered was that when it opens, only a quarter of the browser screen is di...

TCL issue

Help me please with getting rid of the following error message:c1841#tclsh tftp:// eemsample.tcl from (via FastEthernet0/1): ![OK - 171 bytes]unknown namespace in import pattern "::cisco::eem::*"while execu...

Restoring backup

I am new to networking in general, as such I don't really know what I am doing exactly.I logged into the SGE2000 web interface, and decided I wanted to start fresh by doing a factory reset, so I could learn how to setup the switch. Before doing so, I...

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PI 3.0.1 WLC Sync

I have PI 3.0.1 with latest device pack installed and four Cisco Flex 7510 WLCs in inventory. The matter is that two of four WLCs can't sync with PI. "Verify credentials" passes successfully, but Sync button gives "Collection Failure" message. Please...

Syslog in Cisco Prime

Hi All! We are currently planning a Cisco Prime installation in an effort to replace a sprawl of tools currently. One of the crucial pieces of our environment is syslog, and even though we are a small shop, we currently generate roughly 22million log...