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Q: Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 - CLI Template with DB Variables;I'm working on a CLI template with DB variables and looking for a translation table between the EJBQL DB keys that are used in the CLI template and the real Oracle Table names (which ...

vergeerf by Beginner
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Hi,We have the below devices in network. And Im unable to see these devices in supported list.Im suspecting due to this, i am unable to generate any quick report from HUM.Please confirmWS-c2960-48TC-LWS-C3750-48TSWS-C3750-48TS-SWS-C2960-24TC-LIm gett...

secureIT by Enthusiast
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With this license:Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2SW APP SUPP + UPGR NULL SKU-No line item services includedPrime Infrastructure 1.2 - Lifecycle  - 1K Device LicSW APP SUPP + UPGR PI 1.2 - Lifecycle - 1K Device LicPrime Infrastructure 1.2 Plug and Play...

Augustgood by Beginner
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Hi sir:The LMS send mail alert to me , and the event is CPU High Utilization.But the Current Utilization vaule is wrong.How can I correct this problem?EVENT ID                = 000M51T TIME                    = Thu 06-Feb-2014 08:00:04 CST STATUS    ...

Hello All,While trying to troubleshoot mail alerts not receiving from DFM, i got the below error on both LMS and SMTP Server.On SMTP server---------------------------------------------------------------------------250 Hello [x.x.x....

we have purchase cisco prime for a customer, we have got software paper license from distry.  3 license is there with defferent PAK 1. R-PI12-BASE-K92. L-PILMS42-503. L-PI12-LF-50-LICi have register first one and got the license file as per instructi...

Debudas123 by Beginner
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