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Hello I try found way call from TCL script to other TCL.I try do it over EEM.Script1.tcl {...#on finish fileaction_syslog msg "call script \n"}on Cisco EEM:event manager applet scriptstartevent tag 1.0 syslog pattern "%HA_EM-6-LOG: Script1.tcl: call ...

I'm configuring Prime tacacs+ access. So every login account goes through our ISE deployment for the right authorzation. I got this working for radius but it seems that this configuration doesn't work for tacacs+. Radius configuration that worksACCES...

S M85 by Level 4
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I've been trying to write a script that would telnet to another device to run some commands. Unfortunately, whatever I do, it seems I'm never getting past the motd banner. When executed, the script does open the session, and I get the full banner, bu...

Marc D by Level 1
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Resolved! CCP display issue

I'm having an odd time with CCP.  When I start it up, it only displays in the top part of IE.  I tried it with Firefox as well and got the same results.  There seems to be no way to expand it out so I can work with it.  Has anyone seen this before?  ...

Is there a way to change the default run type for LMS jobs from "immediate" to something else? Reason I want to do this is because default "immediate" is always checked and it is always above where you type job description and your email address and ...

nawas by Level 4
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Hello I have some problem with cisco switch if i use SMTP event over TCL.My TCl scrip contain code:if [catch {smtp_send_email $mail_msg} result] {error $result $errorInfo#code for dump to file} else {#code if all ok} If internet is work script work...

Hi,We have got preinstalled Cisco prime NCS appliance, is ts possible if we can insall Cisco Prime LMS 4.X on the same appliance and upgrade the existing running LMS 3.X which is running on Windows server on the appliance or do we need seperate appli...