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                   Hi,in LMS3.2.1 we have NMSRoot/log/syslog.log where syslogs are being logged actively from managed devices. i couldn't find the same in LMS4.2. I am configuring LMS4.2 from scratch and in the hope of making the trasition from old L...

Hi Networkers,I would like your help on diagonosis the NTP problem on a 6500 switch.I have configured a single NTP public server and three peers on Switch 'A' and two server and two peer on the 6500 switches with the following straight forward comman...

kthned by Participant
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Hello,I've a Dashboard problem in LMS 4.2.1I can't create or delete dashboards in my Username I've try to delete the username and creating it again and it didn't solve the problem, the same error message appearshere is the error messagecan someone ad...

Dawit Zeru by Beginner
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I am Setting up a mail server in EEM to receive ena Email , iam receiving the following :smtp_write AUTH LOGIN Y29ycHByaW50smtp_read 504 5.7.4 Unrecognized authentication typethe config :-----------------------event manager environment _mail_rcpt use...

elie.raad by Beginner
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Hi All,i have a problem of syslog with my LMS 4.2. In fact,after rebooting the server, i can't find in the report the old logs recived from the devices.Please note that the logs from equipements are present under NMSRoot\\CSCOpx\log, syslog fileAttac...

paul.rami by Beginner
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Hi,Customer likes to migrate from lms 3.2 to lms 4.1. Current lms 3.1 runs on solaris. New installation shut run on windows.They would like to setup the windows server with new ip and name. After the new lms 4.1 is running, customer would like to shu...

I have about 500 devices in my LMS4.2.2 and they are all managed by Hostname/DNS name. when I go look at the raw syslog file (tail -f syslog_info) I see most of the devices (more than half) sending syslog  mesaages by their IP address instead Thus do...

nawas by Enthusiast
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I'm currently using a LMS 4.2.x System and an ACS 5.3 System.I solved the problem to authenticate the LMS WebGUI login to the ACS Server. But, I can't not find any document, which descripes how I can assing the group roles via ACS.Kind regards

Kai Onken by Beginner
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