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Hello, is there a mechanism in the new Firepower that can block IP address originating from different countries? I have a site that gets bombarded by DOS and Dictionary attacks. I have called the ISP in the past but, that can be difficult in getting ...

dan hale by Participant
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inter gi0/0 maneif inside ip add security-level 100 no shu inter gi0/1 nameif mgmt ip add security-level 100 no shu exit same-security-traffic permit inter-interface same-security-traffic permit intra-inter...

_Ratha_ by Beginner
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Hi All, I have a private IP from one of our partner x.x.x.x and would like to nat it. Only our internal users will be initiating connection towards this IP.  What should the NAT statement look like on ASA 8.5 if have to NAT the outside ip to Y.Y.Y.Y...

I have a DMZ that has a Cisco Nexus switch with VRFs as well as a physical firewall.  Is it common in a DMZ environment to put the gateways for the DMZ systems on a Nexus VRF? Or should they be on the physical firewall?  If they are on the VRF, then ...

Hi, I tried to configured two object nat as below: Source Y (Internet) to destination Z (DMZ) translate port 443 into 9443 - I need this for a specific solution that only answers requests from Internet on  this port Source Y (Internet) destination...

Searching around I see a number of posts on the same subject, but these relate to v5.X software. 

 Relevant bits of config:
class sfr
  sfr fail-openuser-statistics accounting!
 class-map sfr
 match access-list SFR-REDIRECT
access-list SFR-RED...

darreng by Beginner
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Hi to everybody, I have a question about the High Availability for the managed devices. Our customer has bought two sensors and two FMC.  So, I'd like to put in HA the two sensors... Them are in passive mode. How can I do it?  Thanks in advance  Re...

 FYI,Hope this helps someone else. I was struggling trying to get PBR working on my ASA 5515-X 9.4.1.  At first I tried adding it using ASDM, but that doesn't work at all.  You can create the route-map, but it doesn't apply the policy-map to the inte...

dustinn3 by Beginner
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I have a NAT problem which has been really bugging me. The issue itself relates to Skype for Business. There is client wireless traffic (mobile client software) coming to the inside interface of the ASA that is destined for the public IP address of a...

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