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So I've got a customer on an ASA5510 everything is working great (VPN site to site, AnyConnect Essentials).They want to have another 5510 in standby mode so if the primary fails it takes over.I look over the documents and at the HA/Failover setup in ...

ctd_77801 by Level 1
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I've configured a basic setup on a 5512 for 2 VLANs and their matching subnet. DHCP etc.. all setup on the ASA and clients get IP address and can ping their DG (sub int on the ASA).I'm trying to get these clients Internet Access but seem to be missin...

GRANT3779 by Spotlight
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Resolved! QOS on Cisco ASA

I have a site to site vpn with 2 cisco ASA both with a 10m conecction at both a has a backup server on b has a subnet of the backup server on site A startup backing up devices on site B it uses all of the bandw...

I purchased a used 5505 on ebay.  I already have 2 others purchased new which work fine, and have done all configurations on them via ASDM and have been quite happy.This one was shipped from ebay locked down completely it seems.  I do have console ac...

Hello everyone,I was given a new project to connect three sites as listed in the visio diagram by VPN Site-To-Site using Cisco 5505 ASA’s, we have no trouble doing this.My company only has internet access from Site_A, my question is can we give Site_...

We have a site that requires access to a single outside address.   No access is required outside to inside.This inside does require certain ports to accessed whcih are listed configed in the attached config.      We are unable to access the vendor at...

Hi guys,I am wondering whether the vpn feature of asa5510 can be used in transparent modeor not . My expected diagram is included in attachement.In the diagram, Both firewall need to be established with vpn peering.Sent from Cisco Technical Support i...

gkadudfo1 by Level 1
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