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Firewall behind two GLBP routers

Hi,    I have problem in the configuration of Cisco ASA 5520, IOS version 8.4. The connection is as follows: LAN network--> Firewall --> Routers with GLBP with virtual ip address. the clients can not ping the virtual interface of the GLBP group, but ...

essa.anas by Beginner
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ASA 5520 OSPF Failover issue

Hi,I would like some clarification surrounding ASA active/standby failover with OSPF: I am running OSPF on an active/standby pair, all seems to be working well. The appropriate OSPF neighbor relationship is formed with the active/standby ASA dependin...

Backup ASA-5510 from a server via TFTP

The question is:How to backup Cisco ASA-5510 from a Linux server via TFTP?I do know how to backup a switch or a router. Basically creating an access list such as:access-list 55 remark PERMIT hosts requesting TFTP accessaccess-list 55 permit host 172....

joro by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco ASA Security Levels

Hi AllI have just started working on Cisco ASAs and working on following scenario:3 Depts having 3 separate Networks given following namesFinanceAccountsHRCommunication Between them should be restricted and allowed on specfic host and services. My ap...

cashkhann by Beginner
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Sensor Health is showing Red

Hi,Could anyone tell me why vs0 is showing red?Overall Health Status                                   GreenHealth Status for Failed Applications                   GreenHealth Status for Signature Updates                     GreenHealth Status for Li...

Query in output of sh interface

Hi all,I have a query in output of sh interface on ASA.On ASA's when we do 'show interface' for a gig interface, we can get any among two,input queue (blocks free curr/low): hardware (255/230)output queue (blocks free curr/low): hardware (255/0)ORinp...

abhogwan by Beginner
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ARP on a PIX 515

I am Connecting to a new Centurylink IA service. My handoff is from an AdTran router. I have a basic config on my firewall with NAT. My speed is very slowbut port interface counters are clean. Provider is insisting they don't see ARP from me. Is...

Resolved! basic nat not working

I am trying to set up a basic configuration and cant figure out why nat is not working.  my  outside vlan 2 ping public ip address my inside  vlan 1 does not ping anything public ,i have nat (inside) 1 global (outside) 1 int...

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