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Updating ADSM

Hello,I'm have upgraded our ASA 5510's from 7.0.8 to 8.4.3 and now I just need to do the ASDM, but get this error?  The bin file has been uploaded:configure mode commands/options:  disk0:/asa708-k8.bin    disk0:/asa843-k8.bin     disk0:/asdm-508.bin ...

Andy White by Participant
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ASA 5510 AIP-SSM Layer 2 Mode

Hello,It has been suggested to me that I could use the ASA5510 with an AIP-SSM module to perform full IPS functions in layer 2 only mode behind a Microsoft TMG server firewall.I don't require NAT, or any other routing function, just the IPS function....

Resolved! Strange Entries in ARP Table

I need some advice on this topic.  I am seeing strange entries in my ARP table on my ASA 5510.  We do not use any static ARP on the firewall at all.  There are several dynamic arp entries being created that are not local to my network, yet they show ...

sabinj by Beginner
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Resolved! Failover FWSM Primary

Hello,I have a FWSM in Active/standby mode. My primary failed and i got a replacement. At present my standby FWSM is active and Network is running fine, I want to insert the new FWSM in the chasis, once it is inserted both will be active because ther...


Hello Friends,I wanna FWSM IOS, when i go on cisco website to download there is no 3.2 (5) in the list, From where i can get it?????When i try to pull the IOS form the FWSM itself it give the error source file in use  and also ERROR writing to TFTP. ...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Multiple public IP addresses

ASA newb here.  This question has been asked before but the configurations seem to be different so they don't really answer my question.  I think mine is pretty simple but I can't find a clear "this is what you do" answer.  I've been reading the Cisc...

NAT and perimeter firewall

Hi,I am trying to access my work network on ports 5246 and ports 5247 but cant seem to.this is the setupAP (5246, 5247) -----Internet-------ISP router---permiter firewall----internal firewallI have nat'd a static ip on my firewall to a internal addre...

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