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Hi everybodyHere below is a description of the issue I have.My network:outside network> PIX interface)---------(inside PIX interface)<------- inside networkI put the following config:static (in...

amarula115 by Beginner
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hiI have problem to filter http traffic with regex . URL filtering works fine, but domain name filtering doesn't work correctly. Hire is configuration:regex MP3Files ".+\.[Mm][Pp][3]"regex AVIFiles ".+\.[Aa][Vv][Ii]"regex Domain1 "myspace\.com"regex ...

With a 5520 and dual ISP. The first ISP is a 100m circuit and all outbound traffic flows thru it. The 2nd ISP is a 4m circuit and all inbound traffic flows thru it. With a default route for the outbound INternet traffic, there is also a secondary def...

Chunkers2 by Beginner
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I am trying to configure site-to-site vpn on a ASA.What I am trying to do is that there is a remote server - and Ihave a local server which should be seen by the outside world as38.105.120.78. [ASA] --- --- INTERNE...

gnaveen by Beginner
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I have 16M flash memory in my Pix535, it is not adequate for the upgrade I wish to carry out even after deleting the PDM image. Can I upgrade the flash memory to 32M or 16 is the max memory I can have for Pix 535?Thanks

Hello,I am trying to allow FWSMs and PIXs to appear in traceroutes.  It works on an ASA pair that I manage, but I have no luck with the FWSMs and the PIXs.The only command that the ASAs have that the other firewalls don't is "set connection decrement...

Hi All,I need some guidance as to how the FWSM aspect needs to be designed.The client has purchased a 6509 with two FWSM modules. right now the network is flat and we have proposed a couple of vlans for the most i would say eight. Can you advise how ...

rramlal by Beginner
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