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Hello Community,  We have two FTD 2100 in High availability Active/ Standby managed by a virtual Firepower Management Center, I noticed that from the VPN dashboard -> Active VPN Sessions by device shows that a certain number of vpn clients are under ...

Siemmina by Level 1
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I have a FMC 6.4.0 managing 2 FTD Logical Devices (6.4.0).While trying to monitor memory usage via FMC - Monitoring - Statistics - FW1/FW2 .. i can see the memory usage displayed there is in negative percentage i.e. -38% and -44% in respective FWs.. ...

Hello, I have recently deployed a Cisco ASA 5506-X With FirePOWER Services. I am using the unified Image Firepower Threat Defence (FTD), and I am managing the Firewall with the web-based on-box management solution "Firepower Device Manager" from a ma...


We have installed and running one ASA. we bought another ASA with two license for HA. Clients connected with existence ASA through VPNs. i would like to configure Standby ASA with same pubic ip of old one because all clients VPN connecting through th...

Hello everyone, I am not much familiar with Cisco ASAs, however for the past few days I've been reading and trying to troubleshoot the following issue, but still I have not been successful. I hope somebody here can help me: Cisco ASA 5505 - 9.2(1)(us...

d1_s by Level 1
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Is it possible to do a port forward on dhcp address to a host inside?  I have the following configuration:interface Management0/0nameif managementsecurity-level 0ip address dhcp setroute route inside access-list ma...

I do not allow any incoming connections on my outside (public) interface. I see a lot of 'Deny tcp src.....' on my outside interface, this is fine and my acl is working. Is there any benefit if I shun an attacking IP address, against a 'deny any any'...

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