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Engage with peer and Cisco experts about pluggable optics (Optics) and optical transport networks (Optical Networking).
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I have a fiber connection between a Cisco SBS350 switch and a Netgear. Everything was working fine for several weeks until I decided to upgrade the Cisco firmware. After the upgrade the fiber port is showing "operationally down". I rolled back the fi...

Resolved! Dark Fiber design question

I appreciate your input, I have 4 sites that are going to be connecting with dark fiber -see attached diagram- all 6500's with 10GB xenpaks, my question is: should all interfaces on the 6500'S be on the same network or should I have /30 networks betw...

bravob by Beginner
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Cisco SFP Question

Good evening folks, question for you:Am I crazy, or does Cisco not have a 10G LC mm SFP that that can also be adjusted to handle 1Gb/100Mb/etc. ?We have a large project at work that is fully 10G LC fiber; however, we want the capability to connect to...

Wrong SFP modules ?

Hi !I'm a total fiber noob. A company deployed new fibers but it seems that our current SFP modules aren't compatible. Switches : C2960x & WS-3850-12S-SCurrent Cisco SFP modules  : GLC-SX-MM & GLC-SX-MMDNew fiber cables : 00888 m GIGAMEDIA 6FO OM4 50...

leforban by Beginner
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GPON and IP video intercom

Hello, I have some doubt about the compatibility from GPON system and IP video intercom . The IP video intercom use the multicast protocol to communicate from central unit to house unit, and vice versa, I know that the GPON system works with multicas...

Stefano B by Beginner
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Cisco QSFP 40/100 SRBD transceiver compatibility check with Mellanox ConnectX5 100Gb Adapter (MCX516A-CDAT)

Hello,I am new on networking and I need help from community if possible.I have a pair of Cisco QSFP 40/100 SRBD bi-directional transceivers that installed on Mellanox ConnectX5 100Gb Adapters, connected them via an OM5 LC type 1M (or 3M)  fibre cable...

ThinhTa by Beginner
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