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Resolved! Error message since IOS upgrade on 6509E

I am seeing the below syslog messages since I upgraded 6509E switch to s2t54-ipservicesk9-mz.SPA.151-2.SY4a.bin. Two switches in VSS with dual sup on each switch. Any idea what could be the reason? Feb  8 13:47:34: SW1-6_STBY: IPC: Message w/ invalid...

QoS trigger

I know that QoS triggers when there is congestion, but my problem is that. My wan connection speed is 175 Mb/s, but Cisco 3925 has gig interfaces, so there will never be congestion. How can I trigger QoS to start working earlier? My config   ip acces...

filip00011 by Beginner
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Hello Friends         i hope my message finds you well, I have been studying lately QoS from Todd Lammle book and i wanted to test my knowledge after finish the chapter. I serached online questions for practice and found this question with the highli...

WhiteHat by Beginner
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Cisco 2960X Switch Not able to reach an virtual IP Address but can reach the host

Hi team,   Please i need help. I have a physical server with IP address 10.51.1.y  and the physical server is a host to two virtual servers on IP Addresses 10.51.1.xx and 10.51.1.kk. I can reach the host (10.51.1.y on my Cisco 2960X which is a layer ...

Femi_jkk by Beginner
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Resolved! MAC address trace tool

Hi there,   does anyone know a tool to trace a mac address? By now, when I have to locate a device by mac address, I have to trace manually:   - connect to core switch - search mac address table for mac entry - check, what switch is connected on the...

thstruck by Beginner
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Cisco Router Not Working Properly | 1888+828+6821 | Toll Free Number

Will someone please help me? I am starting to think Cisco is up to something fishy. This is the 2nd time in 2 years that we have purchased a Cisco router that has coincidentally stopped working right after the "free support" period ends. When we call...