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Resolved! l2vpn basic

Hello, I  am trying to learn l2vpn , can someone help me understand below terminology wrt l2vpn as i see them repeatedly use in any article of l2vpn. a short description would help me to study it further..thanks L3VPN v/s L2vpn -pseudowire -AToM -Eo...

d9036 not responding

Hello, We have a d9036 which is not want to work anyway. I'M able to add ip address for eth1 and its pinging but web UI not reachable.I tried this: more /sys/devices/virtual/misc/pcie-slot-ctrl0/info Driver: pcie_slot_ctrl: v0.0.10 (May  1 2013 20:05...

Routing issue

Can anyone help me in a matter where I can ping a destination host as well as traceroute successfully. But from other side that host can not ping me nor trace me. Will be obliged if anyone give the cause with details. Trace report is given below:From...

Resolved! IOS compatibility - Catalyst 3560V2-24TS and Catalyst 3560G-24TS

Hi GuysI have given a task to find if Catalyst 3560V2-24TS and Catalyst 3560G-24TS are compatible to each other.Scenario:can same config run on both the devices. we have customers few of them has 3560V2-24TS and others have 3560G-24TS. But we would l...

Resolved! ISG Reboot and subscriber database/static routes issue

Hi Folks, i have a few issues with ISG regarding the handling of customers when the ISG router crashes or reboots.I'm using option 82 with DHCP, and clients can connect correctly to the ISG router.The ISG generate a static route toward the QinQ custo...

ASR1006 VPDN Sessions

I have ASR1006 with the image asr1000rp1-advipservicesk9. I wanted to check for the rate of a specific session (user) , I used the command sh vpdn session packets rate interface virtual-access xWhen I upgraded the router ...

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