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I have a pair of switches that I need to set up ether-channel on. They currently have a single gigabit trunk link between then.   My question is, when I add the current live interfaces to the port-group will there be any interruption to the traffic c...


Can we use ASA after router from down link to up link direction.   Is it necessary to use it after the core switches.

We have a netblock of IPs that are configured for BGP between 2 ISPs for failover and redundancy.  We had an issue with our primary site ISP and brought it back online.  Everything seemed fine and existing IPs and NATs are working properly for the pr...

davidbnbf by Beginner
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It's my understanding that AX is an enabling license but there's a few catches if you want to use the acceleration properly. I would like a comment on these points   1) akamai connect can work  standalone, it will just cache internet contents 2) the ...

m.fera001 by Beginner
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Hi,   I have two WLCs 5520's with version, once the Primary fails the secondary takes over and becomes the active automatically which is good. However once the primary becomes online again, it doesn't return back to become the active again ...

hbaytie01 by Beginner
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hi all,     i wanted to configure cellular interface and i was getting following error.    %CELLWAN-2-SIM_NOT_READY: Cellular0 Modem is not ready. SIM status may be not current.   sh ver Version 15.5(3)M, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)   But when i check sho...

nareh84 by Participant
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How does work Cisco memory upgrade license for increasing the physical memory? what is the mechanism? Usually for memory upgrade we used physical memory. But a memory upgrade license how does work? it increase virtually or physically. I need to know ...

This is driving me crazy and I cannot seem to figure it out. Scenario: DMVPN using cable internet as primary and LTE as backup at spoke The cable internet seems to be garbage and causes BGP to flap, this in turn causes the spoke to bounce      betwee...

In short looking to manage a WAN 2911 router using one of the three interfaces as a dedicated out of band management interface.  My immediate thought was using a VRF on the management interface and leaving all the routing on the global side of the ro...

kossuth78 by Beginner
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Hiwhat the purpose of having the register set to 0xf in the 3750 ?i have a situation where it its booting in bootstrap, and i think this is causing it each time.anyone know the reason behind that, and if i shoulod set it to 0x2 ?thanks

Set up two dummy networks so that i can use them in my coursework for testing however i cannot get the two to communicate currently. They are set up with ipv6. These are the commands ive used. Thanks in advance   R0(config)#interface fastethernet0/0 ...

Minuit by Beginner
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